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Graduates have called it the “2-Day MBA”. One Harvard MBA asked “Why did I not learn this in my $100K+ MBA program?”

Benefits & actionable, practical systems you will take away from this event - 12 Systems - 100+ Tools.

  1.   Get the financing you need by having everything investors need hammered.
  2.   Learn how to design and optimize a winning business model that can enter and win a market with strong differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage (5+ tools)
  3.   Learn to do superior market research, competitive intelligence and market entry planning that will drive more sales and greatly reduce risk
  4.   Systems for: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations and 10x innovation and Product Development productivity and results
  5.   Learn to select the perfect team and skill mix (5 tools) needed to launch and grow
  6.   A workshop to practice using the tools to design a top business model
  7.   Avoid the dozen very common mistakes that kill most companies and prevent them from raising money and cut years off your learning curve.

Bonus: Includes a USB Drive with over 100 tools for CEO's of early stage companies.

A complete blueprint for starting and running high-growth businesses. Greatly improve your strategy, vision, business model design and management skills using a comprehensive and practical system developed over 15 years by a successful Serial Entrepreneur and CEO who quickly grew two startups to over $100,000,000 in sales.

Note: This event is not for the faint of heart, only highly committed, serious Entrepreneurs. It is an intensive two day training that contains enough content for many 5-day events. A firehouse on your mouth really. No wimps allowed.

About 1,000 CEO's from over 30 countries have participated since the first event. Get the collected, timeless wisdom of over 100 business gurus systematized into a framework to design and launch any new business successfully. 12 Systems, 100+ Tools. 2 Days.

There is no other event in the world with this material. It was all compiled & developed from 30 years experience as a CEO.

This is the best seminar available for CEOs & Entrepreneurs at startups and early-stage companies. Guaranteed! Or your money back.
Full Systems Covering: Vision, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Capital Raising, Operations, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Strategy & more.

Give me two days and I’ll teach you the systems that can likely TRIPLE your chances of success launching any new business or product.

When I first became a CEO, I began reading four to six books per month. I subscribed to books on tapes, went to many seminars and more.

Although I had run product development groups of 60+ people for years it was overwhelming to suddenly need to learn about marketing, sales, operations, finance, management, leadership and more.  My management experience and expertise was mainly in engineering, software and product develop.

Now, as CEO, I was instantly responsible for everything.  This is one reason about 85% of new companies will fail today.   CEOs are only created by on-the-job training really.

In my reading I also began to notice that most Authors were specialists in only one thing, few, if any, had the broad experience of being a CEO.  They could never tie everything together in a framework that would enable success.  Almost none had even ever run a complex business.  And the ones that did were in larger companies, not startups or small business - which are actually much harder to run because you need to figure everything out.  These Author’s expertise was an inch wide and a mile deep, when being a CEO and Entrepreneur is about needing to be a mile wide and a few inches deep.  Broad, strategic, collaborative to tap into others knowledge and experience as needed.

What I needed was a broad perspective and scope to learn all these business disciplines at the highest, strategic level – knowing I would never be an expert in them all.  With that experience and my structured, engineering background, I knew I had to create The CEO Boot Camp. It took me over a year and I created hundreds of slides, best practices and concepts I had been using and teaching clients for years.

I truly believe that attending this seminar will allow you to save or make an extra $100,000 within a year. Every graduate has agreed with this statement!  Many have done that using just one tool or concept applied to their business. It is possible to make 20X, or even 100X off your investment just in that first year. It is just a matter of how long that ROI will take.

Seats are limited and I cannot guarantee this will ever be done again.  So, register today if you want to be in that top few percent of Entrepreneurs that will succeed in creating a new and innovative business that generated wealth and jobs.  I hope to meet you there.

Bob Norton, CEO and CEO Coach

How You Will Benefit By Attending?

  • Design and position a business for sustainable competitive advantage. Which is the #1 thing smart investors look for to invest.
  • Optimize a business model for minimum capital and risk with the ability to attract both the best employees and investors.
  • Better define the exact skills your team needs and learn how to hire better.
  • Define a financing strategy, which most fail to do, so you can bootstrap, build the business and not give it all away to investors.
  • Inject entrepreneurial spirit into any company culture.
  • Improve product development productivity by a factor of 5 to 10x using 12 proven techniques.
  • Develop a marketing, communications and the messaging that will resonate with your target market.
  • Develop and improve your corporate vision to motivate and attract the best employees, customers and partners.
  • Plan, design and manage a sales department using the best channels and strategies.
  • Hire the best people in every areas understanding what personality type each role requires for success.
  • Adjust your management style to the appropriate stage of development of the company. Most fail miserably here.
  • Manage and develop employees using the best methods for each individual.

And far more that you can only experience.

With The Art and Science of Business Design™  you will learn a proprietary, comprehensive system for designing, developing, improving and running any business. And that has a 100% success rate!

The Art  and Science of Business Design™ CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp is  a complete framework for  starting and running high-growth businesses. It combines all the knowledge, wisdom and insight developed over 30 years of experience. It is till down the best ideas from over 1,000 business books into 12 different systems that will transform your business, and improve your strategy, vision and management skills

This seminar will shorten any CEO’s or entrepreneur’s learning curve by many years and help experienced CEOs become world-class CEO's sooner.

The Art and Science of Business Design™ is guaranteed to dramatically increase your odds of building a successful company.  It’s designed specifically for serious entrepreneurs, CEO's and their senior management team members who already have significant past management experience and want to grow their business to $10 million, $25 million or even $100 million in revenue.

When you take on the herculean task of founding or running an entire business, you need to know how to design, plan and manage each of the enterprise’s key disciplines–sales, marketing,finance, operations and product development.  You must also be good at selecting, managing and motivating people. And you must know how to refine, iterate and communicate your vision.

However, odds are you came up  one career track (discipline) and have mastered only one or two of these five disciplines. That’s why we’ve developed systems and models that will help you make key decisions and get your team strategically synchronized to drive better results.

Design & Optimize

All the elements you need to design a successful vision. Validate it can work in the real world before launch and large investment. Know when you need to pivot or just alter course a little. And when you should stand your ground.

A step-by-step process for doing top notch market research and CI. When are you done? Who is your ideal customer, willing to pay the most and take risk early on? How do you get customer feedback before you have customers?

Your market entry strategy should almost never be the same as your long-term strategy. How big a market? How is it niched?


How can you guarantee customers will love your product? The 12 things that when done together get 5 to 11 times the productivity and innovation.  Skunkworks techniques that U.S. Government contractors spent $1 billion to develop.

Branding, advertising, direct marketing or sales? What is best for your business?

Sales makes or break every company eventually.  Whether online, inside sales, outside sales or selling through third parties many of the challenges are the same.  All require a funnel to capture, educate, engage and close customers.  Sales Process? Hiring? Training? Closing? Commissions versus salary? Should you use sales reps? Channels?  International selling? Resellers, distributors, other partners?  Avoid the deadly traps of settingup a sales department.

We don’t have lots of time for talking about scaling, that is another seminar completely but you will learn some of the foundational tools to prepare for growth.

Testimonials From CEO Graduates After Event

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Lisa S. CEO, Medical Device Company

"The Boot Camp gave me all the information I needed to develop my new company."

"I would recommend any CEO or high level executive that . . wants to think more out of the box . . attend. And have a new vision to run your company."

"A great experience, lots of fun, met some great people . . . "

"Mr. Norton is a true visionary who can also execute. Few people have the ability to do both.
-- General Partner, Investment Banking Firm"

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Charlie L., Founder of Software and Database Company

"The Boot Camp put it all together in a way that will allow me to accelerate my business in a remarkable way. It gave me all the information I needed to develop my new company."

"The senior leadership of any organization should attend . . as a basis to get everyone into alignment."

"I would have avoided a huge mistake several years ago if I had used Bob's system when I hired a CFO who cost my company over $40 million, and we would have saved another $10 million several years before that too. -- David L. OUCH!"

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Entire Classroom Poll at Boot Camp End

"100% of attendees agreed that The CEO Boot Camp would save or make them at least an extra $100,000 in the coming months or year."

"If I had these models years ago I would be many millions of dollar richer. -- Michael K. CEO of PC Security Software Company"

"Very helpful information – my exact purpose was to learn about the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. So this was right on. -- Greg S., President"

"(The Boot Camp) Opened my eyes to many things I do not have a solid understanding about and confirmed much of what I am doing right.
-- Terry A. CEO PBYCALL"

If I had these models two years ago, I would be many millions of dollars richer today.

Michael K. - CEO of a PC Security Software Company in Canada

(Bought his own airplane shortly after working with Bob.)

General Partner, Investment Banking Firm

Mr. Norton is a true visionary who can also execute. Few people have the ability to do both.

Nijan Datar, Founder and CEO Smart Voice

"In just 2 hours of consultation, Bob Norton helped me to re-focus my thoughts, especially with regard to financing strategy. In addition, there were several nuggets of wisdom and insight about bootstrapping, competitive intelligence, and market research. I highly recommend him."

Uday S Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd.

A Testimonial On Our Approach to Vision Development: "I must congratulate you on your excellent piece "The 11 Requirements of a Successful Vision". I am a CEO of a midsized company with an MBA in marketing. So far, I have not come across so much clarity in . . . "Corporate Vision. . . . Thank you once again for publishing a masterpiece."

Commercial Fleet Management Company using GPS

"Right out of the gate, Bob was able to quickly assess our situation and identify ways to increase revenue. After working with Bob for only 8 hours, we identified a way to at least quintuple our lead generation and also improve our sales pipeline management and revenue potential. We are also implementing many of his ideas to improve our sales closing rates and are now more clearly focused on the path to building a successful business. "
-- John Eller, CEO InSight Mobile Data, Inc.

Jim Rutt, Former CEO Network Solutions and CTO Thomson Financial and FIRST CALL Corp.

"In building First Call Corporation, Bob Norton, was my secret weapon in getting a really audacious job done not only on time and under budget, but done so well that it revolutionized how equity sales was done on Wall Street. His abilities to understand complex requirements, to synthesize elegant solutions, and then to manage a team to get it done, are still the best I've ever seen."

Arthur Cohen, VP of Marketing and Consultant

"Bob knows his stuff, and his productivity is amazing. His insights into company growth, including recognizing and defining and executing the stages of growth, surpass any I've seen in 25 years in business. More importantly, he knows how to present this material so anyone can benefit."

— David L., CEO, Limelight Media Group, Cordova

"I would have avoided a huge mistake several years ago if I had used Bob's system when I hired a CFO who cost my company over $40 million, and we would have saved another $10 million several years before that too."

Graduating class in Lagos Nigeria – There were 88 graduates. Here are the CEOs who attended the photo session after. And, yes, Bob Norton was the only white guy in the room (center).

The CEO & Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Agenda


Continental Breakfast


Key Definitions, Concepts and Goals, Key Psychological principles

Roadmap to a Corporate Vision09:00

For 100 percent Successful Market Entry

Competitive Positioning10:00

Competitive Landscape Maps

Building the Team11:00

The 20 Skills needed for Growth & Hiring

Lunch Break12:00

Group Discussion, Lunch served on site for no wasted time. Networking.

Innovation and Risk12:45

How to flush risk out of your model

Finance & Finance Strategy13:45

Financial Systems, Projections & Raising Capital

Developing Your Team & Hiring14:45

Building a Team for Rapid Growth. Which personality tests and attributes work from 100's? Here are the best three.

Entrepreneurial Marketing16:00

The Messaging Pyramid, Online Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing

30 Minutes Q & A 17:00

Discussion and deep dive on any topic


Continental Breakfast

Operations and Customer Service08:30

Process, Culture, Training and more


Everyone needs a brand. Leveraging 10 Millions Years of Evolution

Product Development Secrets - Innovation at the Speed of Light10:15

Techniques that cost $1 billion to develop that most companies do not know or use - But market leaders use!

Using Professional Services11:00

Accountants, Attorneys and Consultants

Lunch Break12:00

Lunch buffet on site for no wasted time - Group discussion and networking.

Sales and Managing Sales People12:45

Secrets of driving sales, incentives, communications and hiring sales people. Key principles that apply to almost all sales people and companies.

Business Design Workshop 14:00

Experiential Leanring. Use each Tool. Design a Business in an Hour

Presentations & Hot Seat16:00

Business Presentations, Discussion and Awards

Q & A17:15

Final Discussion on Any Topic Selected by the Group

What you get

2-Day intensive seminar that is guaranteed to improve your business. 12 Systems, 100+ Tools. Hundreds of Proven Principles, Tips and Hacks.
Last ½ day is a workshop to work on your business with Bob and others
Bound manual with all slides and space for your notes and ideas so you can focus on content and applying it to your business, not taking notes. This is something you can and should use your entire career.
Networking with 39 Other CEOs. Some relationships may last and help your business. Continental breakfast each day. Coffee and snacks daily
Lunch both days so we can work through the entire day and discuss things over lunch without losing time
Graduates receive USB drive with 100+ tools, Models, forms and articles for CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Guaranteed to impact their business.
Frameable completion certificate: “Master of Business Acceleration” to show off your accomplishment
Money back guarantee available if you leave after first day without taking any materials


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