I just released my new eBook: Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail and How to Avoid Them

Hello everyone. Recently some research was published on why Entrepeneurs that closed down their businesses thought they failed. It is very interesting to look at but even more important to understand these answers are from the people who lacked the experience and ability to succeed.  The fact is most are citing symptoms, not root causes of their failures and showing how little they understand about what is needed to design and launch a new company or product.  If they really understood the root problem, they would have most likely fixed it and not failed after all.  They could have pivoted their strategy, changes whatever was not working or if there was real value in what they created they could have sold product or raised funds to extend their runway.  When companies fail they have failed to “create value” that customers and investors can recognize.

This eBook analyzes this research and looks at the more likely root causes of failure of a startup, which are fewer than 20 really. It can help you greatly reduce the risk of launching any new business or product. Around 90% of product launches fail and the reasons for this is lack of process and understanding of the customer and product market fit needed. I have never once in my 39 career had a product launch fail. Not because I am a genius, but because I do it in a way that is completely backwards from how most do it. My success rate says that this is the right way I think. Give I have launched around 40 products the odds of this not being true seem like slim to none really.

So download my new eBook now and double to triple your odds of success by doing it backwards. Download the book for free here now: https://ceobootcampatx.com/top-20-reasons-startups-fail-how-to-avoid-them/

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